Deliver optimizations to your compiler

Our mission is to offer technology that allows customers to essentially facilitate both modernization of existing and creating of new compilers. Our Universal Translating Library (UTL) contains a number of analysis and optimization algorithms as well as Intermediate Representation (IR), capable of representing semantics of a program, written in any known imperative programming language. Analysis and optimization algorithms are implemented as a library of building blocks that allows customers to flexibly use its various units depending on their needs, but independently of each other. IR and powerful infrastructure allows to quickly create translating and analyzing systems. Here are the areas of UTL application.

Building Blocks

UTL can be used in existing or new compiling system for practically any target architecture (for more detail see section technology). Functionality of modernized on just created system can be defined in each particular case. Description of offered library is location in section UTL.

Now, using UTL we have implemented automatic parallelizer for parallel computing systems that was incorporated into widely spread compiler GCC (GNU Compiler Collection). Here you can get information about the automatic parallelizer and download its alpha-version.